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Friday, April 15, 2005

It's been a while since we posted, but there has been the arrival last month of a new person: Emily Jane Withers. Congrats to Neal and Penny for making a baby. They both worked very hard from concept(ion) to delivery and can now enjoy the fruits of their labour. (Check out the photos and movies - this is going to be one heavily documented kid!)

We've all been pretty busy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. As always, Lawrence and Andy's show - the Somewhat Secret Secret Society Show - has been getting well-deserved rave reviews. Personal favourites this year include Marie Bamford (again!), for the focused, deliberate and public vivisection of her twisted family and colleagues (via insanse characterisations and, well, silly voices); and Rich Hall, for his effortless gags, masterful audience interaction, and sparing use of his Nick Cave-like piano work. I also thought that Dave O'Neil wasn't bad, as far as FM breakfast radio types go.

Geeta reported that Chris Addison was pretty good, and Antony really liked Daniel Kitson's late show - especially when he turned up the house lights and booted out some English hecklers.

Only disappointment for me was Mike Wilmot. He did a great grumpy old man schtick on the television (the gala), but seemed to be about 30 minutes short of material and padded it out with largely unfunny profanity and audience abuse. While I don't object to that per se, in his case, it just wasn't that good. Oh well, maybe I just caught him on a bad night.

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