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Sunday, January 16, 2005

A Happy New Year, to one and all!

I had the traditional family Christmas in Warrnambool - including the monster tent in the backyard. We also had an extended family gathering, augmented as we were with Thanh and Hoang's parents, Mr and Mrs Nguyen. It was great to have a break and just hang out with the family. After a brief stop over in Melbourne, I met Marie and her family at their beach house in Inverloch and spent the New Year weekend there relaxing and walking on the beach.

Highlights from last week included my first solo all-day baby-sitting effort. Luka was returned relatively unscathed and I managed two pooey nappies without vomiting. Looking forward to another visit from the little chappy soon.

We also kicked off the pub night series by trying out the Beer Garden upstairs at the Corner Hotel, Richmond. Nice weather and the menu was pretty good (more emphasis on value than quality IMHO although the vegeterian range was undeniably better than the London Tavern up the road).

I've started a new blog, this time tracking the media frenzy associated with Aussie Rules footballers and their dastardly off-field behaviour:

With the main AFL season still some months away, it's suprising how much press they're already generating!

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